Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang Show Up For Black Women in “Master of None” Season 2 | Black Girl Nerds

When Master of None premiered two years ago, it instantly became a new favorite among viewers for its clever storytelling and diverse cast that centered around an Asian-American man, Dev (Aziz Ansari).

But while Ansari and his co-creator, Alan Yang were pushing the diversity needle forward for Asian-Americans, viewers often noted that there was a lack of women of color in Dev’s dating pool. For all of season one’s ten episodes, Dev dates nearly all white women.

Ansari responded to this critique in a Reddit AMA shortly afterward by stating that there were no “ethnicity requirements” in the casting calls and that they only asked that there be chemistry between himself and the actress. And while that may be true, as a showrunner of color, there’s, unfortunately, an added responsibility to provide an opportunity to bring on other actors of color who often have more difficulty getting casted than their white counterparts. (To be fair, he does give a lot of space to Lena Waithe’s character, Denise, but season two pushes it even further.)

Luckily, in his latest offering of the Emmy Award-winning series, Ansari and Yang not only rectify this but they also highlighted a group who are especially marginalized — black women.

Read the full piece on Black Girl Nerds here.

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