Melonie Diaz of ‘The Cobbler’ reveals how Adam Sandler Surprised Her |

Melonie Diaz landed one of her first high-profile roles in the 2008 oddball comedy Be Kind Rewind. In that film, Diaz starred alongside Mos Def and Jack Black as they tried to save one of the last remaining independent video rental stores.

And Diaz is back to saving a community of small businesses with her new role in Adam Sandler’s The Cobbler.

This time, Diaz plays Carmen, a Lower East Side activist who is also the love interest of Sandler’s character, Max. Diaz also won raves in 2012 for her performance as Sophina, the girlfriend of the slain Oscar Grant (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) in Fruitvale Station. For the role of Carmen, Diaz found herself drawn to the character for her passion and drive in helping others.

“So few people love their job and she was one of them,” says Diaz.


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